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Long Lasting Vinyl Profiles


Durability and sustainability are built into every product we make, from production and processes to performance in homes and commercial buildings. Our long lasting vinyl profiles ensure long lasting windows and doors.

Understanding Your Needs

Leading the fenestration industry in weatherability

We use our world-class engineering and advanced material science to bring you a new standard for performance. Long-lasting vinyl profiles are given with Deceuninck. Our proprietary high-performance vinyl compound, Sunshield® Technology was developed by our material scientists to out perform the competition. From impact-resistant systems that can withstand hurricane-force winds, to energy efficiency for colder climates, Deceuninck designs it all.

In the Lab

On the Test Wall

In the Field

Rest assured you’re getting long lasting vinyl profiles with SunShield

SunShield, our proprietary high-performance vinyl compound developed by our material scientists at Deceuninck North America, exceeds standards for strength and color retention established by the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance

Schedule time with a performance expert 

We understand that you’re not only buying profiles for their weatherability, you’re buying into our people. That’s why we focus on listening carefully to what you need. If you’re curious about how much better your window performance could be, let’s talk.