Impact Performance

Storm force winds can occur in any region of the country. Deceuninck’s impact window systems are engineered to perform to some of the toughest weather-related standards in the nation, providing safety, strength, and peace of mind.

Impact Window Systems: High Impact Protection and Style

Just because you need the protection of the best impact products in the industry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also get the good looks and great style that is always part of a Deceuninck solution. And our Impact line of energy-efficient windows and doors give you both. 

Deceuninck’s AAMA-certified product line includes single and double hung windows, casement windows, horizontal sliding windows and picture window systems, as well as sliding patio door systems. 

It starts with exceptional architectural designs, colors, finishes and contours that put great looks in your replacement windows, bay windows, awning windows and more.

And then it packs in performance to stand up to high winds and water infiltration.

umbrella with rain hitting it

Impact Performance Options

palm trees in hurricane demonstrate the need for impact window systems

Product Features

  • Patented sash to frame interlock to help keep sash secure in high wind conditions
  • Pocket or sloped sill configurations for single hung windows for multiple architectural applications

Installing Impact Window Systems

  • Heavy duty, integral double wall “Florida flange” to accommodate block installations
  • Integral nailing flange and masonry clip receiver for installation flexibility
Florida home with two impact window systems installed
man testing impact window system performance

Glazing Options 

  • Glazing configurations accommodate various glazing options (including low E and turtle glass) in impact rated IGs up to 1 1/8″
  • 3/4″ balance pockets on single and double hung products provide room for heavy duty hardware to accommodate heavy glass packages
  • High performance impact designs help provide improved break-in resistance over standard window systems

Impact Window Systems Matrix

Performance ClassSizeIG UnitDP
Single HungStandard
48″ x 72″ with Nail Fin
54″ x 72″ with Flange
3/4″ Overall
.090 PVC Interlayer
High Performance54″ x 77″ with Nail Fin or Flange1″ Overall
.090 PVC Interlayer
Double HungHigh Performance54″ x 77 with Flange1″ Overall
.090 PVC Interlayer
CasementStandard37″ x 76″ with Nail Fin or Flange3/4″ Overall
.070 Composite Interlayer
Picture WindowHigh Performance
High Performance
64″ x 84″ with Nail Fin or Flange
50″ x 63″ with Nail Fin or Flange
50″ x 63″ with Nail Fin or Flange
3/4″ Overall, 0.75 Composite Interlayer
1″ Overall, .090 PVC Interlayer
3/4″ Overall, .090 PVC Interlayer
Horizontal SliderHigh Performance72″ x 60″ with Nail Fin or Flange1″ Overall, .090 PVC Interlayer65
Single SliderHigh Performance72″ x 60″ with Nail Fin or Flange1″ Overall, .090 PVC Interlayer70
Sliding Patio DoorHigh Performance16’0″ x 8’0″ with & without Nail Fin1″ Overall, .090 PVC Interlayer50
Matrix highlights product performance options, contact us to learn more about our full range of Impact products.

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