Deceuninck PVC Door Profiles

Deceuninck offers a collection of patio PVC door profiles and systems that bring delight to indoor and outdoor living.

Deceuninck PVC Door Profiles

Deceuninck’s extensive range of PVC doors enables you to meet all your requirements.  The flexibility of our models lets you configure our doors to suit your market, your customer’s design and functionality goals, and your geographic region and climate conditions. 

  • Multiple units
  • Standard two-panel, up to four-panel
  • Fixed and operable panels
  • Sidelights and transoms for even more daylight
  • All in a variety of colors and finishes
corner cut of 200200 patio pvc door profile

200.200 PVC Patio Door

  • Mechanical frame options
  • 1″ IG capable
  • Field reversible
  • Dedicated transom and side lite frame
  • Heavy interlocks
  • Multiple hardware configuration
  • Dual rollers places for panel weight transfer
Corner cut 259057 patio pvc door profile

259.057 PVC Patio Door

  • Direct set fixed panel frame
  • 3/4″ IG capable
  • High DP performance
  • Standard single-point hardware
  • Field reversible
  • optional equal lite or lower vinyl content available
159159 patio pvc door profile corner cut

159.159 PVC Patio Door

  • Stucco key for new construction applications
  • 5-1/2″frame width
  • IG options up to 1″
  • Optional French panel adaptor
  • Accommodates multiple standard hardware systems
  • Performance: Enhanced thermal performance, Structural DP 35
Corner cut of an Eos patio pvc door profile

Eos Patio Door

  • Accommodates up to 1-1/4″ IG packages to adapt to multiple configurations and performance ratings
  • Premium performance: Residential DP 50 and light commercial DP 45
  • Includes patented and patent-pending innovations
  • Integral accessory groove system
  • Optimized multiple cavities and specific cavities designed for foam to provide fabricators with foam options

Revolution XL– Tilt & Swing Doors

  • High performing, Euro-style product with ability to retrofit for US applications
  • Options include Tilt-In, in swing/out-swing terrace and French door
  • Tilt-in the top for ventilation or swing in for entry and exit
  • Two frame options, Euro frame (2 11/16″) & North American (3 1/4″) with built in accessory groove
  • Flexible glass package options, wtih IGU thickness up to 1 5/8″
  • Galvanized Steel reinforced frames and sash
  • ADA sill available

Revolution XL – Lift & Slide Door

  • Specialist hardware enables easy operation of large format door panels
  • 2, 3 and 4 panel options
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance
  • Compliments the Revolution XL Tilt & Turn window series
  • Galvanized Steel reinforced frames and sash
  • Impact rated

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