Top Five Reasons to Partner with Deceuninck North America

December 13, 2022

Open the Window to Success with the Right Extrusion Supplier

In the window and door industry, finding a trusted supplier that can deliver product to your door on time is a must. However, there are a number of other factors that go into the decision-making process to ensure you choose the right PVC extrusion supplier.

Who you do business with is often based on a solid foundational relationship. Decades-long partnerships are built on trust, communication, and quality products and service.

What else makes a fabricator select their particular supplier?

Where do you start? What should you look for? And why should you choose one PVC extruder over the next?

Reason #1: Innovation

Leading PVC extruders never stop innovating, and by partnering with an innovative supplier, you reap the benefits of their groundbreaking products.

Extruders prioritize their R&D efforts to benefit their customers and the industry at large. Plus, downstream, homeowners reap the benefits of state-of-the-art, thermally efficient products installed in their homes. When you provide your customers with such products, you become a trusted partner for offering high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Deceuninck North America’s most innovative products and technologies are being utilized by fabricators across the nation. Most notable are the organization’s strides in high-performance vinyl compounds such as SunShield® Vinyl, which endures in the hottest and sunniest geographies. Furthermore, innovations in dark-colored extrusions allow fabricators to offer more design options to their customers, particularly architects and specifiers who are seeking to deviate from traditional white frames for both residential and commercial projects.

In the commercial sector specifically, Deceuninck’s Innergy AP® line of products – polyurethane and fiber glass reinforcements, thermal struts, and more – provide the strength of aluminum but with 900 times better thermal performance. This revolutionary game-changing product, and the application engineering needed to support it, is available only through Deceuninck.

Reason #2: Technical Know-How

From world-class engineering and comprehensive testing to on-site training and support, Deceuninck offers technical solutions for all of its fabrication partners.

As a window and door fabricator, there are a variety of factors to consider when designing systems, including geography, climate, and building styles and design trends in your specific region. From adding the right custom touches to an existing system to engineering a proprietary design offered exclusively for you, Deceuninck is dedicated to providing what your customers are demanding.

Regardless of the systems you are creating, they need to stand up to the most stringent building codes and standards. Deceuninck’s comprehensive product testing includes thermal, structural, and impact tests ­– with simulated hurricane-force winds and rain as well as flying debris ­­– to ensure your products meet or exceed industry standards and your customers’ expectations.

In addition, your facilities must be at peak performance. Therefore, Deceuninck lends a hand in equipment optimization analyses, project planning support to minimize production downtime, comprehensive on-site fabrication training, process improvement and efficiency studies, and more.

Reason #3: Operations

When searching for a window and door extruder or making the switch from your current supplier, it is critical to identify their operations and processes first.  Are they able to meet your expectations?

A supplier must function like a well-oiled machine before it can begin to help you meet your goals.

Deceuninck prides itself on continuous operational improvement. This starts with optimum inventory management, working with customers to analyze inventory and demand needs to inform product ordering and fulfillment. Deceuninck continues to add extra capacity to fulfill demand and remain reliable for their customers. Now, with more than 70 production lines, Deceuninck is one of the largest PVC extruders in the industry.

State-of-the-art production lines are meaningless unless you have the right employees to manage them.

Putting the right people in place to staff the operation is critically important. Thus, Deceuninck has heavily invested in its human resources team, putting highly experienced recruitment professionals in place to source, identify, and hire the best talent. By growing its small team to a much larger and capable department, the team now includes individuals who solely specialize in onboarding, training, benefits, safety, and more. This has allowed the organization to allocate very specific, focused tasks to each of its HR team members to meet the larger organizational demand for talent.

A core part of the Deceuninck difference is having a robust HR department to properly staff production, ensuring your needs are met.

Reason #4: Sustainability

Sustainable products are born out of a solid sustainability mission. As a fabricator, you do your part to improve sustainability by offering products that meet increasingly stringent ENERGY STAR® requirements and building codes. When you partner with Deceuninck, you are supporting a sustainable production process that carefully considers material usage, design and manufacturing, packaging and shipping to customers, and how materials are recycled at the end of their life.

In 2022, Deceuninck, along with its global entity, the Deceuninck Group, set ambitious goals to significantly reduce company-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, Deceuninck commits to reducing CO2 emissions by 60% by 2030, with a goal of achieving the Net-Zero Standard by 2050. When you choose Deceuninck, you’re backing an initiative your customers will appreciate knowing they, too, are supporting it with the purchase of your products.

Reason #5: Market Intelligence

In an ever-changing market and economy, it is critical to stay on top of the latest trends with insights that empower your organization to accomplish more. Finding an extrusion partner that can do more for your business – in addition to providing high-performance window and door components – gives you an edge over the competition and allows you to anticipate market fluctuations.

Knowledge equals power. That’s why Deceuninck provides timely, actionable intelligence to each of its fabricators. This includes insights such as the latest colors, styles, codes, technologies, markets, and more. It is critical to know where the action is going so that you can get there first. When you partner with Deceuninck, you tap into the resources of an industry leader with a strong global presence.

More than Just Products

Partnerships are more than just buying and selling products.

As a fabricator, when you can secure a supplier partnership with an organization that is committed to your long-term success, that company becomes much more than just a supplier. The most successful business collaborations are built on genuine connections coupled with a commitment to accomplish mutual objectives.

The right supplier is a partner that helps you refine your business with efficient operations. It means innovating with the end user in mind and keeping sustainability and recyclability as priorities. It also means always having a go-to resource to share ideas, staying apprised of the latest industry movements.

When you partner with Deceuninck, you harness the power of one of the world’s largest, most experienced PVC extrusion providers. Doing so places your business on an entirely new playing field.

Organization Makes Hires in Management, Promotes from Within to Support Growth

Organization Makes Hires in Management, Promotes from Within to Support Growth